The Mermaid


In mid-2012 I was commissioned to sculpt a mermaid for the front of a Yacht. The client had seen my Pin Up work and contacted me to sculpt his girlfriend as a mermaid for the mast of his restored yacht. I hadn't sculptured since college so I was very reluctant to say yes. After some coaxing I agreed to take on the intimidating project. 

Here on the blog I'm gonna show how she took shape and what she looked like when she left my basement this winter.

So to begin I took some reference photos of the woman who is to become our mermaid. Her name is Elizabeth. Her mermaid name (and the name of her yacht) is Gitana.


Then I did Turn around drawings of her with the dimensions of the Gitana (yacht) in mind for the clients approval.

Here is where the mermaid will live

As you can see the area where the sculpture will attach to the Yacht is extremely restrictive. A lot of work went into making her fit in this space.

2012-11-19 001.jpg