Frisky Blitz

Friends, Fans and supporters,

As you may know my crowd funding campaign for my new book Frisky has begun.


There are 27 days left to raise almost $10,000 so my apologies for the blitz that is about to happen. I will be hammering social media, sending emails, bugging anyone and everyone to support my art. 


You can help by sharing my campaign with anyone and everyone you think might be interested, especially those with money to spend. Post the link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Ello, blogs, and any other place you socialize. Please help me get the word out.


If you have any suggestions on places where I should be posting or ideas on raising the funds please share - I'm not much of a salesperson so any help is deeply appreciated.


As soon as my goal is met I will stop sending out pleas for support and get back to making art. 


Thank you, and Rock On!