Supporters, Friends and Fans –

My IndiGogo crowd-sourcing campaign for my book Frisky ended with less than 16% of my goal met.

This means that Frisky will not be published through Indiegogo crowd sourcing. I will continue to try to find a publisher, and keep you posted as to my progress.

I have been asked if I would do another campaign, and for now, the answer is “No.” I don’t have the resources or the time to try again. I will however, try other ways to get the book printed.

Supporters - Thank you so much for your generous contributions, they still count toward getting the book done, I just have to figure out an alternative way to publish it.

Models – Thank you so much for your help and time. I will finish your Pin Ups and get them to you as soon as possible.

Thanks to all who helped me out with my campaign by reTweeting, sharing, posting, Instgramming and otherwise spreading the word.

I am considering what to do next. As always, it’s back to the drawing board…

Frisky Blitz

Friends, Fans and supporters,

As you may know my crowd funding campaign for my new book Frisky has begun.


There are 27 days left to raise almost $10,000 so my apologies for the blitz that is about to happen. I will be hammering social media, sending emails, bugging anyone and everyone to support my art. 


You can help by sharing my campaign with anyone and everyone you think might be interested, especially those with money to spend. Post the link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Ello, blogs, and any other place you socialize. Please help me get the word out.


If you have any suggestions on places where I should be posting or ideas on raising the funds please share - I'm not much of a salesperson so any help is deeply appreciated.


As soon as my goal is met I will stop sending out pleas for support and get back to making art. 


Thank you, and Rock On!



Frisky Launch!

I launched my Indiegogo crowd funding campaign last night for my new art book Frisky. I had a party at the amazing Kit Kat Club here in Portland. The Kit Kat Club is Portland's best strip club in a town famous for it's strip clubs. 

Please take a look at my campaign and help support the (sexy) arts. It would be a huge help if you shared my campaign with like minded people on Social media. The more cool people who see it the better my chances of getting the book made.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2014

Three out of the last four years I have shown work in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. It is a juried show and the jury changes each year. I have been fortunate that my work has been chosen 3 times by three different juries. This year was again enjoyable but seemed to have less grandeur and spectacle than the years before. I missed the giant metal spider web with beautiful people crawling over it and the spectacular arial shows. 

Below is a link to a nice letter of thanks from the directors. I would like to thank them as well for an always fun festival and kindly nudge them to bring back a bit of the spectacle and awe in 2015.


Charlie and Me on TV . .

Watch me pop up in this interview with 2014 Pin Up of The Year, Charlie Foxx. One of the prizes in the Lucky Devil Lounge's annual event is a custom Pin Up by me. Matt "Papa Smurf" from the Television show "Stripped Life" interviewed Charlie while we worked on her Pin Up.

Here is her finished Pin Up

2014 Lucky Devil Lounge Pin Up of the Year Charlie Foxx © 2014 Ronnie Werner

2014 Lucky Devil Lounge Pin Up of the Year Charlie Foxx © 2014 Ronnie Werner

The Mermaid


In mid-2012 I was commissioned to sculpt a mermaid for the front of a Yacht. The client had seen my Pin Up work and contacted me to sculpt his girlfriend as a mermaid for the mast of his restored yacht. I hadn't sculptured since college so I was very reluctant to say yes. After some coaxing I agreed to take on the intimidating project. 

Here on the blog I'm gonna show how she took shape and what she looked like when she left my basement this winter.

So to begin I took some reference photos of the woman who is to become our mermaid. Her name is Elizabeth. Her mermaid name (and the name of her yacht) is Gitana.


Then I did Turn around drawings of her with the dimensions of the Gitana (yacht) in mind for the clients approval.

Here is where the mermaid will live

As you can see the area where the sculpture will attach to the Yacht is extremely restrictive. A lot of work went into making her fit in this space.

2012-11-19 001.jpg

Devon bride

Here's a bit of a step-by-step from a piece I'm working on today.

I start with a pencil drawing. In this case it's of the lovely Devon.


Once I'm happy with the drawing I scan it and place it in Illustrator. Using the pencil drawing as a guide I begin with the outline.

When the outlines are done I begin to color.

More to come in a few days.

Here is the finished piece. If you want a bridal pin up of your own - or to give as a gift to some lucky bride please contact me here Bridal Pin Ups 

Bridal Pin Ups

I have just posted a new page called Bridal Pin Ups. There you can find information about having a custom Pin Up of the bride done by me. It can be a simple portrait of the bride in her wedding dress, a sexy Pin Up or anything in between. Makes a fantastic and utterly unique gift.

The lovely bride Julia on the beach in Florida

The lovely bride Julia on the beach in Florida

New, new new

Here's my first blog post on my new site.

Come look around there's a couple of galleries and a place to shop. New stuff will be added and shouted about here so stay tuned. Here's a new sketch to look at: